Vertical Gardens in Milan.

Check out these vertical gardens in Milan.  It is amazing and I hope that more buildings like this start popping up everywhere.  Good for our planet, good for us:


Happy New Year.

It’s 2013.  Crazy, right?  This past year has gone by so quickly… time really does speed up as you get older.  Sigh.

I absolutely love the holidays.  It is that time of year when everything slows down and most of us can take a much needed rest from our work demands.

I took a couple weeks off and packed up the car, dog and all, and drove to Los Angeles to see this guy:


Adrian at the Cholla Gardens in Joshua Tree National Park

After a couple days, we were on our way to Las Vegas where we ate a ton of food we shouldn’t have, drank entirely too much alcohol and took in the general debauchery around us.  Oh yeah, and we attempted to gamble.

Desert moon photo I took while we drove the back roads from Las Vegas to Pioneertown.

After two days in sin city we were off to Pioneertown for a more relaxing vibe.  We were both ready for something more, um, low key that is for sure.  The second day at Pioneertown I had the beginning symptoms of the flu but I kept on truckin’ and dragged myself to Joshua Tree National Park.  It was well worth it… what a beautiful place.

Joshua Tree= Gorgeous

After a couple days we were driving to my parents to spend the afternoon with them.  It was really relaxing and so nice to catch up.  My Mom went a little overboard with gifts but I’m not complaining (thanks Mom!).  I would have liked to have stayed longer but the flu was begging me to get in bed.

We had a great New Years celebration at Adrian’s new house.  What fun!  And, on the 2nd I was off on my drive from Los Angeles to Berkeley.  It was difficult to leave Adrian after such a long period of uninterrupted time.  It was awfully nice to be home though. If you don’t know, we are in a  long-distance relationship.  So far, we have been dating for nearly a year and have been able to make it work.  I think it is our determination and love for one another.  I like that.

This weekend.

This weekend Adrian is coming to visit.  Unfortunately, the rain is coming with him.  I was intending to go to San Francisco tomorrow for Renegade fair ( and some drinks; but a movie, some takeout and hot cocoa (Oh! with those lovely little German cookies I bought for my Austrian love) sounds so tempting.

Something about Winter weather makes me want to cozy up with a good movie or book and eat lots of stuff I shouldn’t.

German cookies (Pfeffernusse)


I have forgotten to go on my rant this year about how we should all try and support local and small businesses during the shopping season (yes, I said ‘shopping season’ not ‘holiday season’).

Anyway, it’s a good idea and most likely your gifts will be more fun and personal.  And you are helping out other people that you can relate to, not some massive corporation.

If you are in a bind and can’t find what you are looking for, there is always … it’s pretty cool.

Happy shopping!

End of the world.

December 21st, 2012 is only a week away.  Get ready for a bombardment of Facebook posts and tweets on the matter… then we will go back to “normal”.  Sigh.

It reminds me of the Y2K debacle in which my Mom freaked out and made survival kits for everyone but me.  Note to readers: never make fun of your Mom when she is making emergency kits because if shit goes down, you are going to have to share with your sister.

(love you mom)

Spreading random joy to others.

So, recently I have been enamored with the idea of spreading random joy.  Perhaps it is the holiday season or maybe it is the idea of putting a smile on a random strangers face (I think it is a bit of both).   I have already asked my boyfriend if we could start this tradition as I think it is good for our souls and the stranger who gets a little joy out of our actions.  And, one life lesson I have come to know is, happiness and kindness are contagious so why not spread as much as you can?

Below are some ideas I have been collecting from various sites:

yarn bomb

Yarn ornaments in a public space.

Yarn Bombing.  Some consider it s nuisance, I think its wonderful.,29307,2077071,00.html

Leaving reaffirming notes for strangers in public places.  Love.

How about ding-dong-ditching a plate of brownies or cookies on a neighbors doorstep?  Cute.

Or, even taking the time to fill one of these out when you receive quality service?

If anyone else has more ideas, please let me know.  I hope you enjoy spreading happiness as much as I do.