Etsy Love.

Do you love as much as I do?  So many adorable items and many of them are handmade.  I love handmade.  This might be the 1,564,687 time that I have mentioned my love for Etsy.

Below are some recent Etsy finds that have me swooning:

Aren’t these cute?  Stripey straws are so fun and festive.  And, for the environmentalist in me, they are biodegradable.  It’s a win, win situation.  Find them here:

This handbag and others that this talented Israeli woman make are amazing.  I just bought this one (it’s my second purchase from her).  Very sturdy and they are vegan!  Find them here:

I am in love with this artist’s turbans.  They come in tons of different colors and styles.  Find them here:

These prints!  Ahhh, how lovely would this look hanging up in your home?  Find it here:


Birthday Wishlist 2013

It is almost my birthday… yay!  I sometimes wonder if I will ever not get excited about my birthday.  It is just so much fun to have one day a year that is yours.  I also love celebrating other people’s birthdays too.

Below are a few items that I wouldn’t mind receiving as gifts:

Vinyl… I just got a record player so vinyl is high on the list.  A couple of albums I would like are below:

The Fruit Bats: Tripper

Anything Queen!

…you could even throw in a few favorites like: Otis Redding, James Brown, Pixies, Yo La Tengo, or Bombay Bicycle.

These adorable ‘Maui’ sandals from Minnetonka:

A silver pintuck pillow from Urban Outfitters:

These adorable stacking bracelets that I would never buy for myself but would love to have (

I have been dying for this print (found here: http://www.20×

Isn’t this a cute dress? (

A large cheeseboard from Brooklyn Slate Company (

This amazing chair from:


…and if you are a long-lost, wealthy uncle of mine, this Nixon couch from Thrive:

Thanks for indulging me and checking out my birthday wishlist.  I hope you think these items are just as cute/awesome as I do.

A Christmas List (yeah, I have no shame).

Like most women, I have a constantly growing list of items I would like to have based off my internet perusing.  Below are the things that would make me merry this Christmas (in no particular order):

This gorgeous hand-painted owl cookie jar from Anthropologie (excuse the crazy price tag):

Ahh, these gorgeous, sunny yellow shoes:

These super cute salvaged wood coasters:

This very functional, yet super cute camera/handbag:

…and while we’re at it, why not throw in the camera too:

Oh my, yes please:

Vintage Pyrex. Any color or shape will do:

Just search on Ebay.

I have wanted this exact one for ages:

Oh how nice it would be to make my sewing dreams come true (this model is supposed to be wonderful):

Either I am living in a dream world or I am going to stumble upon my long, lost rich uncle soon.

Happy Holidays, hehe.