Cleaning up my neighborhood.

As some may or may not know, I live in Berkeley, CA.  There are many reasons why I love living in the Bay Area; it is quirky, liberal, beautiful, full of small businesses, great food, and  there is a real sense of community.

The downfalls of living here are: there are a lot of homeless people (which I think we should work more diligently to help), a little more gun activity than I would like, and there is a lot of garbage on our streets.

Lately the garbage issue has been agitating me more and more.  I take my dog for walks everyday, and everyday I notice the abundance of trash everywhere.  It’s gross and makes our cute neighborhood full of Victorian and craftsman homes look like a slum.  This has led me to carrying an extra bag (in addition dog’s poo bag) and picking up pieces of garbage as I walk.  Simple, easy and my neighborhood is looking much better.  My good friend and neighbor is now doing it too.

I hope this inspires others to take the time to pick up garbage as well or just avoid littering all together.

Do you have this issue in your neighborhood?


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