Happy New Year.

It’s 2013.  Crazy, right?  This past year has gone by so quickly… time really does speed up as you get older.  Sigh.

I absolutely love the holidays.  It is that time of year when everything slows down and most of us can take a much needed rest from our work demands.

I took a couple weeks off and packed up the car, dog and all, and drove to Los Angeles to see this guy:


Adrian at the Cholla Gardens in Joshua Tree National Park

After a couple days, we were on our way to Las Vegas where we ate a ton of food we shouldn’t have, drank entirely too much alcohol and took in the general debauchery around us.  Oh yeah, and we attempted to gamble.

Desert moon photo I took while we drove the back roads from Las Vegas to Pioneertown.

After two days in sin city we were off to Pioneertown for a more relaxing vibe.  We were both ready for something more, um, low key that is for sure.  The second day at Pioneertown I had the beginning symptoms of the flu but I kept on truckin’ and dragged myself to Joshua Tree National Park.  It was well worth it… what a beautiful place.

Joshua Tree= Gorgeous

After a couple days we were driving to my parents to spend the afternoon with them.  It was really relaxing and so nice to catch up.  My Mom went a little overboard with gifts but I’m not complaining (thanks Mom!).  I would have liked to have stayed longer but the flu was begging me to get in bed.

We had a great New Years celebration at Adrian’s new house.  What fun!  And, on the 2nd I was off on my drive from Los Angeles to Berkeley.  It was difficult to leave Adrian after such a long period of uninterrupted time.  It was awfully nice to be home though. If you don’t know, we are in a  long-distance relationship.  So far, we have been dating for nearly a year and have been able to make it work.  I think it is our determination and love for one another.  I like that.


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