Spreading random joy to others.

So, recently I have been enamored with the idea of spreading random joy.  Perhaps it is the holiday season or maybe it is the idea of putting a smile on a random strangers face (I think it is a bit of both).   I have already asked my boyfriend if we could start this tradition as I think it is good for our souls and the stranger who gets a little joy out of our actions.  And, one life lesson I have come to know is, happiness and kindness are contagious so why not spread as much as you can?

Below are some ideas I have been collecting from various sites:

yarn bomb

Yarn ornaments in a public space.



Yarn Bombing.  Some consider it s nuisance, I think its wonderful.



Leaving reaffirming notes for strangers in public places.  Love.



How about ding-dong-ditching a plate of brownies or cookies on a neighbors doorstep?  Cute.


Or, even taking the time to fill one of these out when you receive quality service?

If anyone else has more ideas, please let me know.  I hope you enjoy spreading happiness as much as I do.


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