Last summer I began growing my own food for the first time.  I have been gardening for over a decade (jeez, that shows my age!) and I have primarily focused on ornamentals and landscaping.  Since moving to Berkeley I have taken up growing veggies, fruits and herbs; it has been gloriously fulfilling.  There is a thrill when I begin planning what I would like to grow and where it should go and such careful decision goes into choosing which plants I will take home from the nursery.

Then, there is the best feeling, that first meeting between skin and soil.  Digging my hands into the rich earth I have tended to for months, squishing it between my fingers and placing that tiny little plant that will feed me and my friends for weeks or even months into the ground to grow.  What an amazing thing.  It is enormously rewarding to harvest all the delicious food that I have been nurturing to maturity and to share it with those around me.  And, there is the satisfaction and comfort of knowing what has gone into my food and that it natural, safe and good for our bodies.

You rock Mother Earth and I thank you.





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