Happiness is Freedom.

Working at a desk is probably the most unfulfilling thing a human being can do.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that I am blessed with a good job… I know that others aren’t. 

It is easy for me to acquire ‘things’ and I can treat my friends and family to ‘things’ as well, but I often dream about being able to just roam around in the woods; or travel other places and experience different cultures, meet other humans that are much like me, yet in a completely different place with completely different lives.  I find myself aching experiences that feel natural, at my own pace and less bleak or controlled than my daily activities at my desk.

My spirit is not nourished staring at a screen, taking orders, multi-tasking and feeling trapped indoors on sunny days.  Happiness comes in the form of human contact that isn’t contrived for gain, the sun or rain beating down on my skin, soil in between my toes and fingers, deep breaths of fresh air, being surrounded my flora and fauna, artistic human creation, new places, new experiences and freedom.





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