Memories stay… as long as I don’t come down with Alzheimers.

Over the weekend I was thinking of all the amazing things I have been able to do in my adult life; the things I have seen, the places I have been and the people I have met make me an exceptionally lucky woman.  it struck me that all of these memories sit solely with me and occasionally, with a partner I had at the time.  Memories of faces, smells, places, feelings came rushing over me and I decided I should post a few pics that perhaps give insight:

My first flight was to Amsterdam. After nearly crashing on the runway in NYC, I arrived with severe jetlag and proceed to smoke copious amounts of pot followed by vomiting in the canal.

I once rode a train through the Ardennes to Luxembourg. Little circles of fog wrapped around solid green mountain tops.

I once stood on top of these windmills built in the 15th century and snacked on mustard ground from it's labor.

I took this picture while eating gilato from the top of Michealangelo Square in Florence.

I shed tears when I turned the corner and first laid my eyes on the statue of David. It's perfection is astounding.

I have toured the colloseum (a childhood dream), explored the Vatican and take in the pain-stakingly beautiful frescos of the Sistine Chapel. I drank red wine with locals, danced at an Italian nightclub and gorged on some of the best food I have ever tasted.

I traveled by train from Rome to Milan, waking up to a few feet of snow. Took in the opera 'Don Carlo' at the world's best and most famous opera house: Teatro De La Scala in floor seats. It was one of the most magical experiences of my life.

I once lived in this place, in Brentwood, England after a weekend romance in Las Vegas (it lasted nearly a year)..

I climbed the Eiffel Tower with two of my best friends. We later climbed the Arch De Triomphe and arrived to the top with a rainbow on either side. A week was spent in this most aesthetically pleasing city touring museums, eating delicous meals, walking until I nearly fell over from exhaustion.

Two of the most cherished people in my life, Andy and Ray accompanied me to Versailles. We roamed the chateau and spent hours roaming the grounds, riding bicycles and rowing a boat down this canal. Never in my life have I laughed so much or felt so completely full of joy.

I toured the Loire wine valley; wine tasting in caves, chateau tours and bicycle rides through the countryside. It was a dream.

Me, a couple weeks after moving to San Francisco with $500, a 1983 Jeep Cherokee and no job. There is still no place on earth that feels more like home than the bay.

I hosted 30+ couchsurfers. Moved to London, then South Africa with the one above and got married.

I once lived on the top floor of this pub in London... it was drafty and the manager was a mean Polish woman but I did have a nice view of the London Eye.

There’s so much more I could post… not enough time.. Africa, Spain and awesome friendships in Part II.

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