The Twitch.

I have an eye twitch.  It has been going on for well over 10 days now.  According to internet sources I should see a doctor- too bad that costs money and I don’t have any.  Below are common causes of an eye twitch:

  • Stress – This could be the culprit, I am feeling very stressed.  Job hunting, House hunting, Temp job over as of Friday.
  • Tiredness- This could also be a partial explanation, I haven’t been sleeping well due to numerous causes.
  • Eye strain- Don’t think so.
  • Caffeine- I have increased the caffeine intake ever since I got here and discovered Peets Coffee is like legal crack.
  • Alcohol- I do drink, but not ever day.  Usually save it for the weekend.
  • Dry eyes- Nah, they are nice and wet
  • Nutritional imbalances- I try to eat my veggies.
  • Allergies- Perhaps
  • Neurological Disorder- Let’s hope not.

I would really like to get to the bottom of this as it is an unnecessary irritation that I quite frankly, don’t think I can handle for much longer.

The Eye in Question:


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