Mo Mo Mozambique.

I am leaving for Mozambique today and as you can imagine, excitement is bursting out of me.  Going to new places completely foreign to what I know, is a massive high for me.  Traveling feeds my soul, helps me appreciate where I come from, how fortunate I am, and it helps me learn more about myself and forces me to grow in ways I never knew were possible.  It has also helped me to realize that there are so many ways to live and not one way, is the ‘right way’; in the end we are all human doing the best we know how and that is ok.

With all the excitement of my impending trip, I was doing a little research on Mozambique and found these fast facts from National Geographic to be quite startling in some respects:

Population, 19, 420,000

Language: Portuguese and Native Dialects

Currency: Metical

Religion: Indigenous beliefs, Muslim, Christian

Life Excpectancy:  34

GDP per capita: $1, 100

Literacy Rate:  48%

Apparently Mozambique is an up and coming country in Africa and it has actually improved greatly despite being subject to numerous wars & conflicts, massive floods, famine, and a mass exodus of it’s Portuguese skilled labour.  It will be extremely interesting to be immersed in a country that has such a dramatic history, quite different from anything I have ever been a part of.

 …and you know it has to be really cool if Bob Dylan wrote a song about it


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