The Portrait.

One of my favs as displayed on Lomographys "Shooting a Photograph of Someone Vs. Taking Someones Portrait"

There is a certain talent that comes from people who are able to take really good portraits of people.  I tend to take really good photos of landscapes and cityscapes, well in my opinion any way, but I always have trouble capturing people.  Perhaps it is the nerves coming out in both myself and the subject or that I can never seem to whip my camera out in time to take a candid photo. is doing a feature on portraits, here is an excerpt and link so that you can view all the handpicked portraits they deemed worthy of noting.

“There’s a difference between merely taking a photo of someone and making a great portrait. The first shows a person, the second tells something about a person. This article contains one hundred photos of the latter.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Click Me: Portrait

P.S. it is all analog.


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