Face Your Pockets

I found this very cool website by two university students from Russia who are asking people around the World to empty their pockets or handbag, dump the contents on a photoscanner and send to them.

Perhaps their description will make more sense:

“Things that are living in the pockets of your bag, jeans or jacket: travel and pay checks, old cigarette pack that just looks interesting, sugar lumps and all the stuff that has found home in your pockets. They are all the treasures our project is looking for! Our goal is not only bring all this objects into light but show the owner of them.

The process.

Place the objects on the scanner. Place your face/part of it on the scanner as well. Aaaaand scan it! Send us the picture you’ve got to:

faceyourpockets@gmail.com (Don’t forget to mention your name and occupation. Also the email should include the list of objects you’ve scanned – keys, granny’s photo, gum etc.)”

 To view what hundreds of other people from around the World have sent in, click here:



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