What a load of Poo.

As some may or may not know, in Iran you are not allowed to possess or drink alcohol.  Women will be flogged if they are seen in public without their Islamic Hejab (scarf on their head).  A women’s life, by law, is half as valuable as a mans. If you are found to be having gay relations in Iran, you will be condemned to flogging or even execution.

There are several, even more atrocious laws that the Iranian Government forces upon its people but I wont go into that.  I urge anyone interested to do a small Google search to get a taste of the insanely oppressive regime that rules Iran.

Now, it has been decided that people can no longer own dogs as pets.  A fine and confiscation will be in order for anyone that is found to have a dog.  Tehran alone, has thousands of household dogs about to be taken by the government from their owners.

The question that is being asked now: What will be done with the confiscated dogs?  One can only imagine.

There is so much to say about the absolutely vile laws that the Iranian Government enforces, but I will leave it simple; no person, nor government should have the ability to inflict misery on their people.  No government should have the power to restrict any person’s lifestyle choices if those choices are not harmful to their fellow citizens and all should be equal.  At least I think so.

For years there have been rumblings of an uprising by University Students in Iran, yet somehow their efforts are suppressed by the archaic and barbaric practices of their government.  I hope that one day this can change. 

As one of my Political Science Professors from Iran once scolded our class with,

“I had to risk my life to read the books that I wanted to read and it eventually led to me having to flee my country in order to stay alive.  I can never go back.  All of you sit here and take your books for granted.  Hell, you don’t even read them.  It is a disgrace.”

Somehow what he said never left me.

Click her to read the article:



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