I am looking forward to settling in again.   Having my own place, filled with my mementos, my decorative touch, photos and furniture that I pick out.   Starting a record collection,  Painting walls, painting canvasses (again).  Making a real home that represents my personality.  

These are things we haven’t had in the last two years.  Not that I am complaining about the places that I lived or where I live now.  Each place that I have had the privilege of living in, has been beautiful and have had all the conveniences I could ask for.   They just weren’t filled with our things.

Home is more than where you sleep, eat and zone out in front of the television.  It is a manifestation of all things you. 

We have avoided making our space personal because we knew we would have to leave it behind.  Furniture, records, paintings, photo frames, furniture; they are all too heavy and too expensive to have shipped to the States.

It will take time to make it happen but I am looking forward to that next step.


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