Street Art makes me swoon.

If you read my blog, it is clear that I love street art.  Not those lame tags that ‘crews’ or ‘gangs’ scribble on a wall, marking their territory like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant.  I am talking about murals.  A piece of art that has both thought and beauty in mind.

I lived with 3 graffiti artists when I first moved to San Francisco and I understand the whole tagging thing, I just think it is lame.  While I disagreed with tagging, I was always enamoured with the murals (or as they called it, “a piece”)  that they did.  How lovely it is, when a boring slab of cement or decrepit old building gets a facelift with a colourful piece of art.

Now that I have rambled on, I will get to my point:  over the weekend, G and I went to a street art project funded by Adidas.  Yeah, it was corporate but who the hell cares?  It was really fucking cool.  13 artists sponsored to make one mural each in the always artsy and trendy area of Cape Town, Woodstock and in the historical and completely epic, Soweto in Johannesburg.

Check it out:




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