I am a bit disturbed by the recent burning of Quran’s (Islamic Holy Script) by U.S. Pastor, Terry Jones.  Not only because it incited the killing of 12 U.N. Workers in war-torn Afghanistan, which is horrific enough, but because it is one of the ultimate acts of disrespect.

I am agnostic, I belong to no religion and I don’t intend to belong to one any time soon.  I would however, consider myself to be a spiritual person.  My spirituality is made up from what I believe to be true; we are all connected, from plants, to animals to each other as humans and it is my duty in life to try to fit into that circle harmoniously.  Strength, power and harmony in life come from within.

In no way do I believe that my take on spirituality is superior to anyone elses.  I believe that everyone is on their own journey.  My spirituality is my own and some may agree with me, while others completely disagree.  This is ok.

Religion and spirituality are sacred things that not only define who we are, but resonate in our souls.  Therefore, I find any sort of defamation or slander towards someone elses religion or spirituality to be both bigoted and the ultimate show of disrespect.

Terry Jones is an ass and has no business preaching to any one about spirituality.  By burning another religion’s Holy Book he showed the lack of education, morals and values he has, as well as his complete disregard for other human beings and what they hold sacred.  In the last few years it has become socially acceptable to be outright racist towards Arabs and bigoted towards Islam.

Extremists exist in all religions, it doesn’t mean that a handful of people should somehow represent millions.   I’m not going to walk away from reading about idiot Pastor Terry Jones and think that all Christians suck nor are the other billions of people who form the Western World.

I am by no means supporting the killings that took place in Afghanistan, I find it to be absolutely disgusting and disheartening.  In my opinion the whole thing is one Christian extremist provoking Muslim extremists.  Both are completely and utterly dumb.

If everyone gained some respect for each others faiths and for each other as people, holy wars and violence wouldn’t be necessary.



Respect and Love.


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