The ticket is bought

…and clearly there is no going back.

I am excited, I am happy, I am terrified and sad.  It will be ok, but what hurdles will I have to jump over in the months after I arrive?  At the same time, what a glorious day it will be when I step off that plane, and that moment I emerge from the BART station and walk up into my city.  The familiar smells, the finger of fog rolling down Market St., the ding ding of the trams, the whiz of the electric buses, the big lights of America’s corporate greed shining beautifully in my face, seemingly satisfied homeless people talking on their flip-flops, and hipsters thinking they are too cool for school.  YES PLEASE!

Jump in the deep end, eyes wide open and perhaps the initial sting will be the worst part.  This is my hope any way.

Oh Yeah, from the archives.


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