Nuclear Crisis.

A picture that struck a chord with me from National Geographic: A daughter quarantined after being exposed to too much radiation, her mother trying to communicate with her.

The situation at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant in Japan is looking even more dire with nuclear reactors continuing to overheat allowing more and more radiation to contaminate the area.

Thousands of gallons of sea water is being dumped onto the reactors in a feeble attempt to keep from a complete meltdown.  Helicopter pilots are only allowed to go in at 40 min intervals for fear that they too will experience the devastating effects of radiation.  The U.S. is so concerned it has offered both military personnel and their families as well as private citizens the option to voluntarily leave the country on privately chartered jets.

Workers that are meant to be solving the issue have been evacuated on and off due to the lethal levels of radiation being emitted from the failed reactors, leading to the loss of very precious time.

It is fair to say that these brave workers will live with the consequences of their heroism for years to come and that those innocent people who are stuck around the disaster stricken area will as well.  The situation, according to the U.S. government is much bleaker than the Japanese let on and it appears as if this most likely will result in a complete meltdown if a miracle doesn’t happen soon.

It is with great empathy and sadness that I write this information.  The tsunami has changed the way many people perceive their stability in life, including myself.  The truth is, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, how prepared you might be or how straight-laced you live your life, it could all be taken away by the power of mother nature at any time.


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