Us at Cape Point.

Yesterday evening I took my very special friend Ray to the airport for his return flight to America.  It made me sad for obvious reasons and it also made me sad to think that in just over a month, I too, will be leaving.

I owe Ray so much gratitude.  He saved what little money he had and made the 34 hour journey to South Africa just to see me get married.  On top of this, he walked me down the aisle and was a representative for my family and friends.  My Dads and Mom were so happy that he of all people would do that for me as they have a great fondness for him that spans over a number of years.

Ray held me together on my wedding day.  I had done so much crying in the months leading up to the big day; I had never been so absolutely distraught like this in my entire life.  Not only was my family and friends unable to attend, but other factors were heavily weighing me down and I felt deeply depressed.  I think my friend sensed this and made it his priority to get to me.

He did a magnificent job of speaking on behalf of my family and with his own speech.  It was strange to watch as he performed such an adult duty, seeing as we have known each other since we were kids.  It was such a milestone for both of us.  I am grateful that he was my rock that day and I owe it to him that I didn’t have an emotional breakdown in front of all our guests.  The waterproof mascara wasn’t even necessary (yay!).  I am proud of my composure and poise despite my circumstances and I am proud of my friend for giving me the support I needed.

Gareth and I will miss having him around.


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