Upon arrival at work this morning, I was alerted by friends on Facebook of a massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  My initial thoughts went to my lovely friend Megan who just moved to Tokyo last month (thankfully she is ok).  Once I seen footage of the tsunami in action, I was shocked and upset.  It looked like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster movie; cars trying to race away from a raging 15ft wave, ships being hurled at buildings, fires everywhere, cars being tossed around like hot wheel cars.  I am horrified.

Warnings have been issued for several countries around the world of the impending tsunami about to hit.  People are running for higher land and preparing for the worst.  Tears came to my eyes when I read that the entire West Coast of the U.S.  is on alert since my entire family resides in California.  Luckily, it shouldnt be much more than a slight rise and no serious damage is expected there.

All my positive energy and thoughts are with Japan and anyone else affected by this tragedy.  No living population should have to deal with such mass devastation.


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