I was sent on a Management course by my employer a few years ago and our

The Swatch Lady Collectio... OoooLaLa

teacher claimed that she could spot who was more ‘right brained’ or outgoing and personable to those who weren’t.  She came over to me and claimed I would be ‘right brained’ and that I would be outgoing with ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas.  When I asked her why, she responded with “you lean forward when listening to someone, you don’t require lots of personal space and you do not wear a watch”.

Funny enough, I am not much of a watch-wearing type of  person and she basically hit the nail on the head with her claims about me.

Perhaps things are changing because despite me not being a watch person, there is one that I would absolutely love to wear. Too bad there are no birthdays or holidays coming up any time soon.


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