I have a penchant for colour, lots of it, in all shapes and forms.  Colour brightens people’s mood without any concious realization.

A few years ago I was visting the De Young in Golden Gate Park to see glass artist,  Dale Chihuly’s exhibit.  I was awe struck.  As a native Californian of my generation, there was a time when, like many others, I had an obsession with glass paraphanelia.  It is such a delight to have an extravagant, unique or just plain pretty piece.  This affinity for glass blown objects may have arisen out of a stoned teenagers turbulent and rebelious years, but somehow the love of it has never died with me.

Chihuly makes stunning, whimsical art that captivates both young and old.  Below are a few of his pieces I was lucky enough to see:

"Mille Fiori"- a surreal garden of colourful glass.

"Glass Ceiling"- This piece took up the walkway leading out of the exhibit; way to go out with a bang.

"The Boats"- Shipwrecked boats filled with glass treasure.

I must admit, his uncanny resemblance to a pirate makes me like him even more.



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