I miss my family all the time.  Being so far away, for so long with only Skype to keep as close becomes frustrating.  I can sometimes feel my heart ache when I think about each and every one of them, it hurts me, at times to the deeepest part of my soul.

I am getting married and not one of them will be able to enjoy the celebration, they will only have second-hand stories and pictures of an event they waited my whole life for.

I am so, so deeply sorry to all the truly special members of my family that I have dissapointed… but I can assure you, we are having one hell of a party when we all get together.
LOVE. Always.


2 thoughts on “Family.

  1. dear rachel, don’t regret to live your life the way you do, its so intense, so special, you have to make some concessions for that, you can’t get all the things you want at the same time, this is what everybody can observe and have regrets afterwards. but truly, everybody can envy you to live your life so intensely as you do. I hope you are very happy, you do deserve that !
    big kisses

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