I love flowers.

Hibiscus often makes people think of an exotic Hawaaian women doing the hula, swaying her hips side to side.  We see hibiscus plastered all over boardies and swimsuits.   What girl doesn’t like plucking one from it’s branch and sticking it in their hair when given the oppurtunity?  They are such lovely plants, hardy (most varieties) and gorgeous to look at.

I absolutely love the gentle grace of a Turk's Cap Hibiscus, it can be grown as a vine or trained into a bush.

There are truly amazing hybrid varieties such as the one above. Some have blossoms as big as 12inches across and come in the most amazing colours.

I ordered a couple of the hybrid varieties off the site below a few years ago and they were stunning and in pristine shape upon arrival:


Double Hibiscus come in so many colours and are so striking.

Abutilon is a close relative to hibiscus and makes stunning trailing plants in anyone's garden.


One thought on “I love flowers.

  1. Hello, I was wondering what type of Abutilon you have. There are lovely. Most places that i have looked them up they appear to be more of a bush where yours is like tall plant/ tree. Where did you order them?

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