There was a time that I travelled on my own.

…and I quickly realized that while I was viewing the Sistine Chapel, walking to the top of Il Duomo in Florence, snapping shots in the Colloseum, watching an Opera at Teatro De La Scala, eating some of the most fantastic food I have ever come in contact with and generally having an amazing time, that it wasnt quite as amazing without someone to share it with.  There was no one to turn to with a massive grin and express my amazement with the beauty I had carefully planned to see, there was no one to eat all this glorious food with or get tipsy with over a local wine.

Not to say that I didnt have a good time.  That would be a lie.  It is one of the best experiences I have ever had; I had finally gotten to live my dream of exploring Italy.

Travelling on my own encouraged spiritual growth, I believe.

I just think that it is more fun to share an experience with someone you care about, it makes it that much better.

Lucky me, I have found someone that will explore with me for a lifetime.


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