…and The People have made an advance.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has made concessions to embroiled protestors and has set up a committiee to reccomend constitutional changes would relax eligibility rules for who can run as leader of the country along with a seperate commitee to monitor the proceedings.

Protestors are not content with Mubaraks offer and have organised further protests around the country with Google Marketing Manager Wael Ghoneim as their unofficial nomination for President.   90,000 Egyptians have signed on to be part of a Facebook page calling for the Google Manager to be President created by Ghoneim himself in an unprecedented political move on the social networking site.  Ghoneim is expected to attend and speak at the protest in Tahrir Square Tuesday afternoon.

While I think that President Mubarak is making a feeble attempt at appeasing the people.  My heart is filled with excitement at the prospect of a genuine uprising in Egypt; it would be such a glorious accomplishment for the Middle East as a region.  It is about time dictators in the region were ousted and the people had a voice.


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