Middle Eastern uprising, or just another failed attempt?

Could a revolution be on the rise in the Middle East?  There have been rumblings of a revolution in Iran for decades.  Unfortunately we have looked on as puppet regimes have been installed there by the U.S. time and time again.  Despite this, students and activists continue to trudge on, fighting for a country that allows them to elect their leaders.

We all know of the Palestinian struggle that has been going on for decades.  In addition to the struggle that the Afghani’s have been through, first with the Russians, then with the Americans.

We now have protests in Tunisia, unrest towards an auto-cratic leader and the lack of rights they posesss.

Without much warning, Egypt has come out in a furry of protests, also in an effort to overthrow a long-standing dictatorship.

It would be such a delight to see a region battered by imperialistic nations finally come into their own and build governments that no longer oppress their people.

My heart goes out to all those fighting for their rights and my hope is that violence will subside and the people will rise.  May imperialistic countrys be so bogged down with all the other wars they are fighting, that dont have time to screw things up for these freedom fighters.







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