Happy Birthday to me.

It’s been a year to remember- one full of the unexpected and also one that has tested my ability to adapt.  This year has forced me to face my weaknesses and helped me to build strengths; it is definitely a year of growth and discovery.

In this year, I have moved to another country much different to my own.  I am now considered “white” rather than Latino.  My career has been put on hold and taken a bit of a reverse.   On the flip-side, I now work for an organisation I believe in and with amazing people that I probably would have never gotten to befriend otherwise.  I was thrust into a tight-knit group of  childhood friends (I was so overwhelmed in the beginning) and now consider them to be my own.  I fought off the worst case of homesickness I have ever had while living in a new place.  I realised that my adventurous spirit has limitations.  I have become more vigilant and aware, less trusting of strangers.  My attitude against inequality has deepened.  I have seen beauty in the form of culture and landscape that is completely new to me and leaves me awe struck.   I am getting married at the end of the month and I have calmed down and settled happily.  Home is now a very ambiguous word to me.

My life has completely changed and in a way, so have I.

Through all the struggles I am happier than when I started and I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.


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