Street art makes me giddy.

I have been wanting to go on a photo mission for months now with the purpose of capturing some of Cape Town’s graffiti.  There are such beautiful pieces of art draped over buildings, walls and wherever an unintended canvas lies waiting.   Most hold meaning, both political and cultural and nearly all seem to celebrate the rise of people of colour.

There is something about wandering the streets aimlessly on a Saturday or Sunday morning that makes me happy.  There are so many things that go un-noticed if you spend all your time travelling by car.

Here is some of what I seen:


"Removing the greyness from the soul of the city is the job of musicians, artists and poets"











"These are the realms of immortality's peace, written on the walls of history's far-reaching sons and daughters"























3 thoughts on “Street art makes me giddy.

  1. Sister, I love these photos so much! You have a great eye! I love looking at these because I feel like I get a some perspective of your life in S. Africa, thank you for sharing your adventures. Keep shooting. I miss you mucho. Besos!

  2. These are ALL so amazing! There’s so much bad graffiti in this city (there’s a lot of amazing graff too!), but all of these are so politically motivated and emotional!

    I didn’t know you had a blog!

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