Figs are the fruit of the Gods.  Not only because they are pricey as hell, but because they taste heavenly.   My first taste of a fig came in the form of a cookie:

Fig Newtons

I had no idea what these little morsels of goodness contained, but the sweet, chewy taste kept me coming back for more at the tender age of 5.

Then came an even better alternative to Fig Newtons: Fig Newmans!  Organic and made by Paul Newman’s food company, I was even more sold.  Particularly as I was in my 20’s living in San Francisco- it’s either be organic and eat conciously or be nailed to the stake.

Fig Newmans

The pinnacle of my fig eating experience came soon after Fig Newman, I finally got my hands on a fresh fig.  My friend cut them in to slices, drizzled some aged balsamic and shaved parmesean on them and there I was having a flavour orgasm.  It was literally one of the best things I had ever put in my mouth.

Figs taste good in a cookie, in a tart, as part of a salad, with cheese, with other fruit and figs taste fantastic just on their own.

The Magestic Fig, all on it's own



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