New Year

It is the new year and I have so much ahead it makes my head spin.  Exciting, scary stuff that I am both anxious and ecstatic over.

Our wedding day is fast approaching.  The spiritual ceremony that includes family and friends is the day that will really mean something to both of us.  It is the day we come in front of people we love and make a life long commitment to one another and celebrate the love we share.  It is already anticipated as one of the biggest moments of my life; scary and exciting.

Nerves have crept up over the fact that I will return home on my own.  The U.S. is very weary of people trying to enter and makes it an absolute mission to get them in.  Everything will be on me.  Scary, but will be so exciting when Gareth finally gets over and we can begin to settle.  I am hoping this leads to us getting a dog in the near future.

I am anticpating the home sickness that will ensue after the excitment of being back in San Francisco wears off.  Yes, I will be homesick for South Africa.  There are things I will miss and things I am happy to give up, but for a over a year now it has been home.  I have been through it before- when I lived in England for a period of time a few years ago.  It was confusing to be so happy that I was back home after being away for so long and at the same time needing to re-adjust to a completely different lifestyle that I had lived most of my life, but hadn’t lived in such a long time.  It was a weird period in my life; I missed the friends I had made in my temporary home and I missed the lifestyle that had taken me so much time to get used to and become a part of.  I almost didn’t feel like I belonged in my old life anymore.  Luckily this quickly passed (a lot quicker than it took to adjust to England) and I moved on.

I am so happy that I was able to get to know Gareth’s country and culture.  It meant a lot to me to really understand where he came from and to get to know his family and friends.  Once, after we got engaged I told him how lucky I was to be able to have the oppurtunity to do so.   It really is a special oppurtunity to establish bonds with people that mean so much to him (and now myself) when we are moving so far away.  We are fortunate people.

Happy New Year!


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