Things that make my heart swoon.

Family– as big and diverse and quirky as they are, they are all mine and no matter what happens they are on my team, always.

Gareth– He goes in between family and friends because he is both; my best friend and an amazing human being that has graced my life with his presence.

Friends– Connections that are made not because we have to, but because we want to.

Plants– they have a strange ability to make me feel at peace.

Dogs– I have an obsession with these lovely animals; loyal, loving, happy, concerned.

Music– A song can evoke emotion and memory, take you back to a place you had temporarily forgotten.  Dancing to it is an expression of one’s spirit.

Colour– it breathes life into anything dull.

Photography– freezing a moment, a scene, anything that made you stop and gaze in admiration.  Bringing back something tangible that perhaps would have only remained a memory otherwise.

Love– to open my heart and allow myself to love another human being in any capacity soothes my soul & enriches my life in so many ways.

Laughing– my absolute favourite emotion is laughter.  I often laugh at inappropriate moments, probably because I like it so much.  That tears running down my face, tummy muscles aching, chest wheezing sort of laughter that only happens at pinnacle moments is absolute bliss.


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