Chavez- Dictator?

Hugo Chavez has taken a pre-emptive move to secure his seat as Venezuela’s leader filing for an emergency decree of power just after election results came to light that gave opponents about 40 percent of seats in the 165-member National Assembly.  He claims that the measure is justified as the country is in a state of emergency following floods that have left 130,000 Venezualans homeless.

While I find Hugo Chavez’s consistent “fuck you attitude” to the U.S. amusing and sometimes, even a bit charming I cannot condone a leader that assumes a dictator position.  He conjures the same feelings that Fidel Castro has over the years.  I admire the thought of bringing down an imperialistic nation that makes it’s fortune on the backs of poor developing nations and I respect the idea of nationalising one’s natural resources but I have a major problem with a leader that denies his/her citizens the right to choose their leaders.

Can we not find a person that can lead a country without becoming greedy with power, money or corruption?




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