Breaking Cycles

Breaking behavioural cycles can be difficult, at least as far as I can tell.

It is often said that abuse within a family is cyclical and often passes on to the next generation.  On another level, in the smallest of interactions, whether it be someone cutting you off on the road and you aggressively swearing and giving the finger in return or a friend saying something sharp and you retorting in the same manner.  We somehow all tend to fall into this trap of cyclical behaviour.  It takes a consious effort to end these sort of things; turning negative energy into positive energy.

I have fallen short of this lately, I have had an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship with someone and when I was not given respect for the zillionth time, I snapped back rather than being patient.  We are stuck with each other, whether we like it or not and each of us has a point of view that is valid on some levels and not on others.  I suppose the trick is to remember we are human and most likely have the best of intentions.  Somehow that gets lost in a sea of emotions at times.

It is clear that there is a lesson in all of it for both of us, perhaps it is a lesson in patience, tolerance, compassion or even the idea of letting go and trusting that people will make decent decisions.  Either way I am going to work my hardest at learning a lesson and not just acting on my emotions because it is the only way I see myself growing and becoming someone I am proud of.


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