You can put me in a box, but I will just break out.

People feel the need to put things in “boxes”.  I disagree with this tendency as it is my belief that we are all far too complex to categorize.

There is the need to label ones sexuality, their style, religion, political point of view and just about any thing else we can try to nail down with a word or phrase.  I find this to be unfair, unjust and narrow-minded.

Many would argue with me.  Without labels, how do we describe a person?  How do we explain them to others and to ourselves?  Do people like to be called “Gay”, “Christian”, “Hipster”, “transgender”?.   Some may say that people like to have a solid identity.  It is said by most Psychologists that people like acceptance into a group, whether it be alternative or on the straight and narrow; a product of our pack behaviour.

Maybe this need to categorize and simplify is unnecessary.   Perhaps we don’t need to be one thing or the other.  In my opinion, it is practically an insult to think that somehow we can easily describe myself or those around me with a simple word or phrase; because I and them, are so much more.


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