Review: Bread at the Bromwell in Cape Town, South Africa

I recently paid a visit to Bread at the Bromwell in Woodstock, Cape Town and while I was impressed with the cappuccino I ordered, the meringue that came with it and the sandwich I took back to my office at lunch, I was also a bit offended.  It wasn’t the first time I had been at this establishment and I often find myself leaving feeling confused at my pleasurable eating/drinking experience and irked at the “theme”.

Upon arrival at Bread, you are always greeted by a doorman in a top hat and tails.  I have passed by hundreds of times and every time, the doorman is a black man standing outside in his ridiculous top hat and tails, fake smile in tow, probably hot and a bit sick of standing there all day, pleasantly greeting the white majority that patron.

On the weekends Bromwell & Bread have a horse and cart that they send trotting down the road, again with a black male driver wearing a top hat and tails picking up artsy-fartsy white people as they head to the farmers market at the Biscuit Mill.

The Bromwell, a boutique store in connection with Bread that is located upstairs only allows shoppers that they deem worthy; you must be invited to shop at their store because somehow one persons money is more valuable than another’s.

Is it just me or does this place seem to be celebrating the colonial era?  Perhaps I am digging to deep and this is just some sort of gimmicky ploy to make their business stand out from the rest but I just can’t help feeling awkward every time I leave the place.

Maybe I am just bitter I haven’t been invited upstairs to shop.


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