Happy Thanksgiving


Today is Thanksgiving.  Possibly one of my favourite holidays which is ironic seeing as I am typically high-strung about meaning and history.  Yes, us Americans celebrate the assistance the Native Americans gave to us hundreds of years ago as our ability to support ourselves dwindled once Winter came.  We then thanked them by committing mass genocide on a shockingly appalling level and the remaining survivors we stuck out in desolate, barren areas of America to rot in poverty, but I digress.

Thanksgiving has so much meaning for me as it is a time where family and close friends get together for the day, share a meal, catch-up, express why they are thankful, and relax.  There are no presents or obligations other than maybe having to contribute a dish to the enormous feast that you all share together.  It is truly a special day with no strings attached.

We eat our traditional American fare of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, candied yams, green bean casserole and much more together as one.


P.S. I am thankful that Native Americans have casinos and are laughing their way to the bank these days.


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