The Pope has graciously decided that it is ok to use condoms..

I was both grateful for a step in the right direction and horrified at a little excerpt I read the other day of Pope Benedict XVI’s four day interview.  He indicated that using condoms was a lesser evil for male prostitutes than spreading disease because it showed a conscience for other human lives.

I am grateful that the Roman Catholic Church is making baby steps towards the support of safe sex.  I am horrified that in 2010 we have an organization with such influence over millions of people around the World with such a narrow, dangerous and ignorant view of sex.

On a tour of Africa in 2007, Pope Benedict clearly stated when asked if condom usage could curb the AIDS epidemic he replied “You can’t resolve it with the distribution of condoms”.  I suppose we should be grateful that a man with so much clout has made a responsible step towards helping the AIDS epidemic in the poverty stricken continent of Africa.

In a time when the Roman Catholics are under much pressure due to several child molestation cases coming to light committed by their clergy around the World, I imagine there is a giant push for the organization to be more responsible.  As an organization that was founded by Emperor Constantine on his deathbed as a means to keep power in Rome due to the gradual change in religious following by the wealthy from polytheism to monotheism, I just cannot bring myself to be a supporter.  This is a religion that was founded on controlling the masses and still retains the hierarchal structure of the Roman Empire.


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