Car Jacking in Cape Town Area

A couple from England honeymooning in South Africa were recently carjacked while trying to get a glimpse of a local Cape Town township, Gugulethu.  The newly wed husband had to bury his wife just days after getting married.

Apparently carjackings are the norm in places like Johannesburg and Durban, I often consider myself lucky to be in Cape Town.  I have heard of carjacking/ kidnappings done to both my colleague and friend’s relatives in Durban and Joburg, but never Cape Town.  Perhaps it is more common than I realize.

I cannot even imagine how this poor man is feeling and in the midst of such celebration and excitement for the future.

Recent article below:

Stats on murders in the Gugulethu area:

I consider myself extremely lucky and hope that I never have to endure such pain.  Hopefully when I finally make it to Mzoli’s, a traditional braai restaurant in Gugulethu, I can have something positive to say about the area.



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