It is Fashionable to Hate America

I understand this and I also realize that it isn’t entirely without reason.  Yes our government is war hungry, topples any leader of the third world that gets in our way, installing fascist puppet regimes in their place and robbing anyone and everyone of their natural resources while using the poor and destitute as cheap labour to procure them.  I understand this and it is something that angers me and provides great shame.

There is another aspect to the United States that many non-Americans often don’t acknowledge- the people.  Sure there is irritation at the lack of understanding of politics or even, lack of interest in politics that often leads to Americans having no clue as to what atrocities our government is committing.

We have free public education in the States, this means the government picks our text books and provides outlines and requirements for all our curriculum.  Our history books and political science books provide us with a skewed view of these two subjects, painting America as a hero that freed itself from the chains of the monarchy; a land of freedom, a land of brave people and a place where everything we do is in the name of all that is good.  It isnt until you go to university or a community college that you get any sort of other story.  Most Americans do not go to University and if they attend community college it is usually for a trade, not academics.  Despite the general lack of understanding of politics and a slated view of history, Americans are actually good people.

There is another side to us, an amazingly friendly side.  We are for the most part, a bit goofy, down to earth and have genuinely good intentions.  Yes, we are riddled with pop culture since our country is one big mass marketing machine but we do have amazing non-mainstream musicians, artists, and the like.  We have a delicious array of culinary treats at your fingertips, from a hole in the wall joint to Michelin star restaurants.  We are a melting pot of every race and creed, all working together side by side.  Our country is vast and varied with some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth.  We even have some of the best athletes in the world.

Our country is more than a government and despite popular opinion, we have an abundance of things to be proud of as well.  Although I am still nervous to wave my flag anywhere that isn’t home for fear of being attacked.  I dare you to find a country on this planet that isn’t corrupt, we just happen to be an imperialistic one that does a whole lot of  damage.


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