This week in dreams

I have had very interesting and slightly frightening dreams this week.

This morning I was awoken with a start after I had a dream that a monkey was in my house.  My house happened to look like a grandma’s place with doilies and a fireplace mantle that the little ginger-haired monkey was perched up on with his menacing look.  Some old Grandpa in the chair next to me was screaming with fear so I swatted the monkey with a hideous forest green throw pillow and it jumped on me teeth exposed and as it went to bite me, I woke up.

On Tuesday I had a dream that takes the cake.  I was on my old community college campus and there were people everywhere.  When I walked out to the parking lot to leave, no one was anywhere and I notice that the gate to exit was closed and locked.  As I approached my car midget clowns popped up, several all coming towards me.  I woke up in a panic.

I am not sure if it is what I am eating or if I am just a little off but this is very unlike me.  My dreams are usually pleasant or slightly perverted, never frightening.

Perhaps it was that Russian sausage I ate last night…


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