My Top Ten Favorite Experiences (in no particular order)

  1. Playing on the grounds of Versailles with Ray and Andy.  We fought over the oars in the row boat we cruised around on, in the Grand Canal, explored the maze of gardens, rented bicycles and chased unsuspecting French people doing their daily jogs completely harassing with the ding-ding of our bells.
  2. The moment I received my puppy Che and took him home.  He became such a wonderful dog and brought me such joy during his short life.
  3. The time I went to Apenheul, a monkey reserve in the Netherlands that doesn’t put any of it’s animals in cages.  Little Spider monkeys were crawling all over the place and one (with it’s baby on it’s back) let me hold her.
  4. The moment I drove over the Bay Bridge and realized that San Francisco was my home, which inevitably led to some of the happiest years of my life living in such a beautiful, magical and vibrant city.
  5. Sitting in the coffee shops of Amsterdam and smoking entirely too much and finally realizing after hours of just sitting there, that I needed to go explore the city.  Exploring the city and repeatedly getting the giggles and eating way too many Dutch baked treats.
  6. Dancing.  Dancing has provided me with some of the most fun in my life.  I used to turn on my Parent’s stereo and dance in our living room quite regularly growing up.  My favourite girl friends in my hometown and I would go dancing several times a week when I lived back home.  When I get the chance to dance now, I am happy as can be.
  7. Building forts out of sheets with my sisters and then hanging out in them as if we had our own place.
  8. The 2 months of Couchsurfing I did with Ellie, nearly 40 people from all over the planet stayed with us in our large studio apartment in the San Francisco City Center.  Together we showed them why we loved our city so much.
  9. My solo trip to Italy.  I toured Rome, Florence and Milan.  Exploring the grandeur and history of such a gorgeous country, all delicious food, friendly people- it was amazing.  Putting on my best cocktail dress and sitting through “Don Pedro” at the world’s best opera house Teatro alla Scala.  Seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, a huge burst of sunlight coming though the windows as I gazed up, illuminating the breathtaking paintings Michelangelo created so long ago.  Walking around a corner and being met with Michealangelo’s ‘David’, it was perfection.
  10. Meeting Gareth, falling in love and going into that overwhelmingly vulnerable state that makes your chest feel heavy and your head feel a bit light.  Constant smiles and no repercussions thought of when he asked me to move around the World with him.

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