Be Nice to Service Workers

Are you one of those people that likes to complain about everything you order in a restaurant?  Or a person that throws a tantrum when you have to wait too long in a queue?  Someone that speaks down to their waiter/waitress, petrol attendant, grocery store clerk etc?

Then you stink!

I am not opposed to complaining if it is legitimate and done in a constructive, non-degrading manner, but some people seem to enjoy abusing service workers and I find it to be quite gross.  If you have nothing better to do than abuse people to feel good about yourself, then again:

You stink!

Just had to put that message out there, I seen lots of service workers getting the brunt of people’s egos and bad moods this weekend and it made me sad for them.   Not only that, but when you are a negative person, spewing out negativity everywhere you set foot, you also affect my day.

Smile, it is contagious =)


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