Legalization of Marijuana in California

Prop 19 has been voted against and many smokers out there are probably disappointed, understandably so.  The vote was 46% YES to 53% NO.

My feelings are mixed on this issue.  I personally believe that people should be able to smoke whatever the hell they like as long as they aren’t hurting or imposing on anyone.  This viewpoint was cemented the first time I stayed in the Netherlands and realized that people should have complete control over what they do with their body.  By making drugs illegal, it doesn’t stop people from using them, it only prevents us from providing the safest possible environment and substances to ingest.

There is a worry with the legalization in California for me purely due to my weariness with America’s big business tendencies.  Would I all of a sudden have to purchase joints for outrageous prices from the corner liquor store?  Would there be massive Marijuana factories that we hired illegal immigrants to work in for substandard wages?  Would a chain of marijuana Wal-Mart-esque stores pop up around the state?  These are the questions that irked me a bit.

I am however very proud that my home state is open enough to have half the vote in favor of legalization.  Not only does it show there are a lot of pot heads, but it also shows open mindedness and liberalism.  Yay!

Now if we could make gay marriage legal, I would be over the moon.


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