Happy Halloween!

One of my best friends, Amanda Holguin and I.

Halloween, the kick off to the holiday season (at least for Americans) is upon us and I can’t help but feeling a bit reminiscent.

When I was a kid, by this time I would be filled with anticipation and excitement for all the Halloween festivities that awaited me; picking which costume I would wear, far too much candy, school parties, fake spider webs and scary décor.  It was truly a magical time filled with creativity, imagination and fun.

My sister and I would pick our pumpkins the week before with great care, looking for the biggest one with a nice smooth side to carve it’s new face into.  Newspaper would be strewn across our kitchen floor, us plopped down in the middle of it all digging the gooey, seedy mess out and then carefully cutting out our well thought out designs.  We would then lug them to the front porch, put a candle inside and admire our new jack-o-lanterns with glee.

On the day of Halloween we would dress up in full costume and arrive at school to see all the other kids in theirs.  A Halloween party would take place after lunch in each class, filled with treats that each person brought from home for the whole class.  This sugar rush would lead to a slump in energy by the time we got home and as soon as it got dark our energy was up again because we knew we were getting ready to trick-or-treat.  Door to door we would go, our parents supervising.  Rushing up to each door screaming “Trick or Treat!” and eagerly watching as a handful of candy was dumped into our sacks at each door.  After walking what seemed to be miles, bags completely full of sweets, we would head home to assess our goods.

For weeks after, we ate candy, a reminder of all the fun we had.


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