Being Gay is not a Crime.

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy for gay Americans that would like to serve the military was temporarily repealed and has now been adjusted to limiting those that can discharge to 5 senior military officials.

I cannot imagine why anyone would be thrilled that they could be in the military, but I understand that is my own personal preference and others may feel differently.  I was excited none the less a few days ago when the act was temporarily repealed and now find myself at square one again.  Frustrated that we have taken a step back.

I was even more disturbed when I read that a dedicated father was fired from being a Boy Scout leader for his son’s troup when a parent complained of his homosexuality.  This is just appalling and absolutely disgusting behaviour on so many levels.  The message of hate and prejudice it sends to the children and the isolation that the gay father and his son must feel is absolutely deplorable.

World-wide discrimination is abundant towards the LGBT community as can be seen by the recent “outing” of 45 known gay citizens in Uganda recently.   The outing not only put these citizens in danger of hate crimes but also in the eyes of the law as Ugandan law prohibits any participation in homosexual acts.  This actually makes me feel ill.

There was also the recent persecution of a gay couple in Malawi who were jailed due to their brave decision to “come out”.  After being released, the couple broke up and one has actually gone on to get engaged to a woman.  It seems clear to me that these two men were forced back into the closet by a society that is unwilling to accept them.

At what point will people mind their own business and let people live life equally and without prejudice?  I am confused as to why anyone cares what other people’s sexual prefernce is.  There are plenty of heterosexual people I would be absolutely horrified to see participating in sexual acts but I don’t go around trying to strip them of their rights because of it.

It is particularly shameful that an imperialistic country like the U.S. would still be advocating any form of prejudice or deny any law abiding citizen basic human rights.  No human being should be treated as a second class citizen due to their sexual preferences.

Disguising  prejudice with a religious facade only further illustrates the lack of understanding right-wing fanatics have regarding their own God.  I believe one of the ten commandments clearly states “Love thy neighbour”, it didn’t specify that they mustn’t be gay.

It wasn’t that long ago that us women were fighting for our rights, we should be making a concerted effort to stamp out prejudice of all kinds and equalize rights for all.

Links to detailed reports about the above:



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