If you are going to preach equal rights Mr. Mugabe, lets see you go without a meal.

Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe is at it again deterring potential investors or any sort of opportunity for his fledgling country.

I am a staunch supporter of equality and I understand why Mugabe is trying to “protect” his people’s resources.  It is clear that Western Countries like the U.S. and many European Nations often exploit under-developed nations for their resources and cheap labour, however dividing a nation purely by color is a vindictive mentality that will get no one in Zimbabwe any where.

Mugabe’s extremist 30 year rule has only plummeted Zimbabwe into poverty.   He can continue to hand over businesses to the Black majority, but rather than focus on putting White business owners/investors into an inferior position he might want to think about educating and feeding his people.  No real power will ever be gained by the Black majority if education and training is not a priority.  Without knowledge, we can assume prosperity is not likely as has been proven thus far by Mr. Mugabe.

Rather than make enemies, why not end the cycle of hate and racism and try to work together?  Make real change instead of holding on to anger and further destroying a nation that is in desperate need.

Instead of Mr. and Mrs. Mugabe riding around in limousines and wearing Prada while the people they claim to be fighting for starve, are uneducated and are fleeing the country by the masses in hope of opportunity, why not live what you preach?  It is evident that Mugabe is a dictator with extremists tendencies, not a passionate human being that is trying to truly change his country for the better.


Another interesting link by the people at Vice Magazine:



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