Thank You Reverend Douche Bag.

Rev. Terry Jones doing his best to embody a bad American stereotype.

I am deeply embarrassed as an American by the threats and vile comments Rev. Terry Jones has made concerning burning Korans near the Muslim Holy day of Id al-Fitr or ‘Eid’ and on September 11th.

Where do I even begin with this?  I am shocked that anyone that claims to be a religious leader or a person that offers spiritual guidance under the guise of Christianity would advocate such a disrespectful act.  America was founded on the principals of religious freedom, this certainly does not represent the very root of our country.  Not only has he offended many people from around the world, but he has tarnished the image of Americans.  As a well traveled woman, I know the common opinions that people all over the world have of Americans.  I try to dispel these stereotypes by being me and showing that only a very miniscule part of the population are Muslim hating, gun toting hicks with no education about geography, politics or other cultures.

This stereotype is carried with me wherever I travel and people like Rev. Terry Jones only personify these false representations of Americans.  It is true, we do have gun toting hicks that are lacking in the intelligence department and think that Barack Obama is an Arab terrorist, but we also have lovely, smart, insightful and intelligent Americans as well.  This man has incited such hate and rage all in an effort to make himself relevant to people other than his church patrons.

There are extremists in just about every culture around the world and Americans are definitely not exempt of this.  Unfortunately our presence as a super power and our ever intruding grip on World-wide pop culture puts us in a position to be noticed and unfortunately, despised.  My only hope is that people will see that these kind of hateful views are a small part of our population and that there are good American people, like myself who are absolutely disgusted by this man’s actions as well as others like him.

September 11th should never have been overshadowed by this man’s evil and vile words and threats.  The cycle of violence will never end until we all realize that revenge only fuels the cycle; if we want it to end, we must stop it and embrace love and acceptance.  It might help if we didn’t give this loser so much of our energy as well because I have a hunch that was his sole purpose in starting this charade.;_ylt=AmKZsEU3Puo7y5i4USgwJces0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFpb2N0NjdsBHBvcwM0MARzZWMDYWNjb3JkaW9uX21vc3RfcG9wdWxhcgRzbGsDd2hhdGNocmlzdGlh


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