Do what you mean, say what you feel and keep your thoughts within your moral & value system.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” ~Gandhi

I came across this quote a couple days ago and it has stuck with me and forced me to think about and re-evaluate myself and how I live.  Gandhi’s quotes often have this affect on me, as I am sure they do on many.

It led me to think about my values and morals and the way that I am always concerned for others but often am too lazy to contribute/help where I can.  I find myself criticizing the inequalities around me, but what do I do to help alleviate the situations that I feel so passionate about?  I definitely feel like what I think and say are right on in this department, but what I do isn’t exactly up to par.

I moved on to think about insincere interactions with others.  Situations as of late, where out of respect I keep my opinions to myself or rather, am not assertive when I am being bullied and how that doesn’t match what I am thinking.

Without a balance of all three it leads to heart ache, stress, and disappointment.  It made me realize that by working on keeping all three aspects in line; keeping what I do, say and think true and sincere, I in turn will be a person that feels good about herself and lead a fulfilled life that I can be proud of.

A constant work in progress.


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