I picked a lily and it ended up being a frog.

I My inspiration and admiration began here.got very excited a couple weekends ago as I drove along the coast of South Africa, near the township of Khayelitsha.  There were calla lilies everywhere or ‘arum lilies’ as they are called here.  I gasped, as an ignorant American girl who is obsessed with Mexican art, I aways assumed that these lilies were native to mexico, mostly because they were depicted in Diego Rivera’s most famous paintings of the impoverished working women selling them as a means of livelihood.

So, I picked them, not a ton but enough to fill my little vase at home.  I was so enamored and absolutely excited at the sight of thousands of these beautiful lilies lining the gorgeous coast of white sand beaches, that I thought that picking one or two wouldn’t hurt anyone. I arrived at work Monday morning to find out through mass email, that these beautiful, precious lilies that I spent the day in awe and wonder with were actually home to little tiny frogs; and that by picking them I was ruining their habitat.

My magical day looking for humpback whales near  seal island off the coast of South Africa where I found these treasures I admired for years in Mexican art, were not mine to have and maybe I was a bit presumptuous to think they should be.  Click below if you are interested in the frogs and not being as ignorant as myself:



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